Costa Rica with Raleigh International 2014 ….Five Years on!

Five years on…. wow! Still the most amazing and life changing adventure of my lifetime.  I have had the joy of travelling and exploring many places around the world, but this was the most inspiring challenges to date and perhaps even one of the toughest.

Mainly I was so inspired by the 100+ young people (aged 18 – 24) who totally stepped outside their  comfort zone and completed such an epic challenge.  A ten week expedition with little of no home comforts in some of the most remote parts of Costa Rica. They completed 3 phases:

Trek: 300km through remote areas over 19days. A team of 12 ventures and 2 managers, self sufficient.

Community: volunteer work in Nicaragua, helping to place water to remote areas.

Environmental: volunteering to help with various conservation projects to support the host country.

I personally completed (along with another volunteer manager and 12 truly awesome young ventures) a 300km trek through jungle, mountains and coastline including Corcovado National Park over 19 days.  Completely self sufficient as a team,  and camping in some of the most remote areas on route. A spectacular test of personal determination and self belief.  Each day had new challenges (and a mountain or two to climb) but one of the most inspiring teams I have ever had the privilege of working with.  The rest of my expedition was spent living and working with ventures at a jungle camp in Tenorio (a wonderful rain forest), again a truly inspiring experience, both working in the environment of a rain forest and with the young ventures.

When I reflect back on such an adventure I realise just how much these particular young people helped inspire me and I hope they also found the experience as inspirational.











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